The bot needs a choice between Short and Long as a basic setting. With this you choose a certain direction that you expect Bitcoin to move in the coming period. If you believe that bitcoin will only become more valuable in the coming months or years, it is wise to choose Long (currently the only one allowed). 

If you have chosen a Long setting, the bot will make profit with every small increase in Bitcoin price. If the price of Bitcoin starts to fall, the bot will buy extra contracts and sell all contracts in profit at the next move. Pay attention! The bot only sells contracts in profit. This can therefore mean that in the event of a significant decline, the bot will be stuck for a while with a number of contracts and it will sometimes take a while before everything is sold again. This is not bad, the bot takes care of selling at the right time. You don't have to do anything yourself, it just takes some time. 

At this time it seems most sensible to use the Long setting. Bitcoin is expected to grow substantially in the coming months and years. We call this the most secure setting.