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HydorBot is an algorithmic bot that works according to the Grid trading and the Dollar Cost Average (DCA) principle. HyndorBot operates on Deribit, a Dutch based futures exchange.

HyndorBot operates 24/7 on the exchange. HyndorBot use cross leverage, so the whole wallet is used for margin.

HyndorBot continuously calculates the positions and makes up to +100 trades per day, dependent on the volatility.


HyndorTrades is an autotrader that copies our trades based on our own TA (Technical Analysis). The position size, SL (Stop Loss) and multiple targets are calculated based on entry and exit.

Risk management is done to limit the maximum loss. The maximum of loss per trade is set to 2,5% of the wallet balance. The RRR (Risk Reward Ratio) is minimum 1. Our hitrate over the past 4 months is 78%.