Hyndor Station launched on Deribit

January 27th, 2020 marks the beginning of an exciting partnership between Hyndor and leading Dutch Cryptocurrency Futures & Options Trading exchange Deribit, this partnership will allow Hyndor users to trade on Deribit and apply Hyndor's unique features;

Calculate RRR and position sizing with the Position Calculator.
Use Rolling Limit Orders to move with the price until it is filled.
Use Trailing Orders to minimise your risk and maximise profits.
Use Auto Move to automatically move your Stop Loss to profit upon hitting targets.
Use Auto Sell to automatically sell your position after the configured time.
Hyndor Station is always free with market orders (no subscription).

Create a free account and enjoy a 5-day trial to Station and fully benefit from this collaboration and find out if Hyndor Station will positively improve your trading!
More exciting collaborations are to come in 2020. Stay tuned.

About Deribit
Deribit is a leading Dutch Cryptocurrency Futures & Options Trading exchange trading Bitcoin and Ethereum with up to 100x leverage.
Their Bitcoin instruments have nearly 35k BTC of daily volume, the beauty of the Deribit exchange is the fact that it allows you to trade in Bitcoin derivatives rather than the physical asset itself.
Deribit will move to Panama on the 10th of February 2020 to continue to offer an easily accessible trading platform at very low costs. They believe that crypto markets should be freely available to most, and the new regulations would put a too high barrier for the majority of traders, both – regulatory and cost-wise.

The first 100 annual subscribers receive 50% additional (recurring) discount on their subscription!